2017 Deadlines


In-House and Contract Laboratories

PT Providers

March 24

  • Study 37 begins
  • Send Address Verification Form to the state coordinator by e-mail or postal mail to confirm receipt of Study 37 Announcement
  • Notify all laboratories of DMR-QA Study 37
  • Study 37 Begins
  • Order test samples from PT Provider

July 07              

  • Study 37 ends
  • Study 37 ends
  • Send ungraded Data Report to PT Providers (include a list of all NPDES permits using your laboratory data)
  • Study 37 ends

August 4


Send PT Provider-graded test results, for each permit (listed by NPDES permit numbers) to:

  • Laboratory
  • State and EPA regional DMR-QA coordinators

August 18

  • Ensure laboratories perform retests for any analytes with “Not Acceptable” test results
  • Forward PT Provider-graded test results to the Permittee
  • Order retest samples from PT Provider for all “Not Acceptable” analyte test results. If using a WP study to satisfy corrective action, data must be reported to the PT Provider by the published WP study close date, even its it is prior to the DMR-QA deadline of October 27, 2017

September 01 

  • Send one signed copy of the NPDES Permittee Data Report Form, and copies of the Chemistry/Microbiology and WET Checklists for each laboratory used, to the state DMR-QA coordinator.
  • Send corrective action letter including any retest results as soon as possible to your Permittee, if applicable.

October 27

  • Submit corrective action report including retest results to the state DMR-QA coordinator, if applicable.