• Certifying Official
  • Contract Laboratory
  • DMR-QA
  • In-house Laboratory
  • Reporting
  • Method Description
  • NPDES Permit Number
  • A2LA Accredited

Certifying Official
The person listed on the organization's NPDES permit that validates the data submitted to the DMR-QA Coordinator. This person must sign or electronically approve the data reporting attestation statement. Without this signature, the data cannot be evaluated by the PT Provider; consequently, the PT Provider will not report the results to the State/Regional DMR-QA Coordinator.

Contract Laboratory
A laboratory contracted by a Permittee to provide some or all of the routine testing listed on the permit. Contract laboratories can only be used for DMR-QA testing if the contract laboratory is the entity that routinely performs the Permittee's testing. If an in-house laboratory performs the routine testing, the in-house laboratory must complete the DMR-QA testing. If a Permittee uses a contract laboratory, it is the responsibility of the contract laboratory to indicate to ERA the permit number and applicable analytes for that permit prior to the DMR-QA close date.

Discharge Monitoring Report-Quality Assurance study that helps regulatory agencies monitor the quality of the data used by laboratories to ensure the safety of our nation's waters. According to Section 308 (a) of the Clean Water Act, this study is mandatory.

In-house Laboratory
A laboratory that is at the same location as the NPDES permit discharge point. The in-house laboratory must be used to test DMR-QA samples if it routinely tests the normal samples as required by the permit

The PT Providers cannot evaluate "text" results such as "BDL", "ND", "Non-Tested", etc.

Method Description
Report your method references using the following standardized code. Identify the method publisher using the following acronyms:
  • EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency
  • SM - Standard Methods
  • ASTM - American Society for Testing Materials
  • USGS - US Geological Survey

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit program controls water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into waters of the United States.

NPDES Permit Number
The identification number on your permit. A valid NPDES Permit Number contains a two-letter state designation and a seven-digit numeric code. The NPDES Permit Number must be recorded on all documentation and correspondence with all organizations involved with the DMR-QA program. Without the NPDES Permit Number, ERA cannot process your data. The NPDES Permit Number is different than the US EPA Lab Code. The US EPA Lab Code is specific to the laboratory (in-house or contract laboratory) executing the actual testing. Both of these numbers are extremely important with respect to reporting. If you are unsure about your NPDES Permit Number or your US EPA Lab Code, please contact your state/Regional Coordinator.

A2LA Accredited
ERA is accredited by A2LA (certification code 1539.01) for all of the chemistry, microbiological, and whole effluent toxicology analytes included in tjhe DMR-QA study. For the chemical and microbiological tests under DMR-QA, customers are responsible only for those analytes that are both in your permit and included in the DMR-QA announcement letter.