Ion Chromatography

Type Cat # Price Quantity
QC 981 $122.00 Spin UpSpin Down

One 15 mL screw-cap vial yields up to 200 mL after dilution. Designed to calibrate or verify IC calibrations. Call for anion standards at lower levels.

Bromide 0.2-20 mg/L
Chloride 0.2-20 mg/L
Fluoride 0.1-10 mg/L
Nitrate as N 0.2-20 mg/L
ortho-Phosphate as P 0.5-30 mg/L
Sulfate 0.5-30 mg/L


EPA 300.0 EPA 320.1 EPA 325.1 EPA 325.2 EPA 325.3 EPA 340.1 EPA 340.2 EPA 340.3 EPA 352.1 EPA 353.1 EPA 353.2 EPA 353.3 EPA 9056 EPA 9211 EPA 9212 EPA 9214 EPA 9250 EPA 9251 EPA 9253 SM 18/19thED 4500 Cl- B SM 18/19thED 4500 F-B SM 18/19thED 4500 F-C SM 18/19thED 4500 F-D SM 18/19thED 4500 F-E SM 18/19thED 4500-Cl D SM 18/19thED 4500-Cl E SM 18/19thED 4500-Cl F SM 18/19thED 4500-NO3 D SM 18/19thED 4500-NO3 E SM 18/19thED 4500-NO3 F SM 18th ED 4500 Cl B SM 18th ED 4500 Cl C SM 18th ED 4500-CI E SM 18th ED 4500-Cl D SM 18th ED 4500-Cl F SM 18th ED 4500-NO3 E SM 18th ED 4500-NO3 F SM 18th ED 4500-NO3 H