Source Water Microbe

Type Study Cat # Price Quantity
QC 078 $134.00 Spin UpSpin Down
595 $137.00 Spin UpSpin Down

Each sample is one lyophilized quantitative standard containing E. coli in the range 20-200 CFU/100mL or MPN/100mL. Use with all SDWA quantitative methods. Each standard can be used for Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform and E. coli.

Total Coliforms (MF) 20-200 CFU/100mL
Fecal Coliforms (MF) 20-200 CFU/100mL
E.coli (MF) 20-200 CFU/100mL
Total Coliform (MPN-Multiple Well) 20-200 MPN/100mL
Fecal Coliform (MPN-Multiple Well) 20-200 MPN/100mL
E.coli (MPN-Multiple Well) 20-200 MPN/100mL


EPA 1603 EPA 1604 SM 18th ED 9213 D SM 18th ED 9222 G EC SM 18th ED 9223 COLILERT SM 18th ED 9223 COLISURE SM 18th ED 9223 COLert18 SM 18th ED 9223 COLertQT SM 18th ED 9223 COLsurQT SM 18th ED 9223 COLt18QT