Massachusetts VPH in Soil, QC

Type Study Cat # Price Quantity
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One flame-sealed ampule with 20 g soil with V PH fuels. Contains volatile petroleumhydrocarbon fuels (VPH) in the range 100-2,000 mg/kg. Use with the Massachusetts Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbon method for multiple carbon ranges, BTEX compounds and MTBE.

Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) 100-2000 mg/kg
C5-C8 Aliphatics Unadjusted (MA VPH) 1-1600 mg/kg
C9-C12 Aliphatics Unadjusted (MA VPH) 1-1600 mg/kg
C9-C10 Aromatics (MA VPH) 1-1600 mg/kg
Benzene in VPH 0.5-500 mg/kg
tert-Butyl methyl ether (MTBE) in VPH 5-500 mg/kg
Ethylbenzene in VPH 0.5-500 mg/kg
Naphthalene in VPH 0.5-500 mg/kg
Toluene in VPH 0.5-500 mg/kg
m&p-Xylene in VPH 0.5-500 mg/kg
o-Xylene in VPH 0.5-500 mg/kg
Xylenes, total in VPH 0.5-500 mg/kg
C5-C8 Aliphatics (MA VPH) 1-1600 mg/kg
C9-C12 Aliphatics (MA VPH) 1-1600 mg/kg


Massachusetts VPH/EPH