Certified Reference Materials for Ultra-Pure Water Analysis

Since dedicating a full-time business unit to our Life Science customers in 2000, ERA has grown to become the premier manufacturer of certified reference standards for total organic carbon, conductivity, turbidity, and water parameters. With ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations, we offer a comprehensive line of certified reference materials (CRMs), reagents, and vials for life science laboratories.

Download Confidence Brochure

Download Confidence Brochure

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Conductivity Probe Validation: Accuracy You Can Count On. Data You Can Trust.

Accuracy You Can Count On
ERA's newly expanded conductivity line means that regardless of the instrument or application, ERA has the product you need. Our consistently accurate certified reference materials offer unparalleled assurance that you will meet all of your compliance and quality validation needs for conductivity. Beyond the standard offering of products for pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotech, and life sciences manufacturers, ERA's customs group can fulfill
even the most complex special request.

Data Confidence
Can you trust the data from your conductivity sensor? Not necessarily, if you are buying your TOC reference standards from the instrument manufacturer. While some companies purport to offer certified reference materials, only ISO Guide 34 accredited manufacturers are recognized internationally as Certified Reference Material products.  Read more...

Conductivity CRMs for TOC Instruments - Offering Unparalleled Accuracy

No matter what brand of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer you have ERA has conductivity reference standards designed specifically for your instrument.

  • Anatel® A643 Validation Kit
  • Anatel® A643 Validation Control Kit (replaces FG5017501)
  • Anatel® PAT700 Conductivity Solution Kit (replaces FG7002602)
  • Anatel® PAT 700 Validation Protocol Reagent Kit (replaces FG7019232)
  • Sievers® 400 Calibration Set
  • Sievers® 400 25 µS/cm Conductivity Standard (replaces CSTD 30030-01)
View CRMs for Anatel® instruments
View CRMs for Sievers® instruments

Our certified reference materials (CRMs) offer unparalleled accuracy for pharmaceutical and biomedical device manufacturers and biotechnology companies; assurance that you will meet all of your compliance and quality needs.

Because most online TOC instruments are especially susceptible to interferences from background contamination, all or our CRMs are prepared using carefully controlled processes that are scrutinized under ERA’s ISO Guide 34 accreditation. Our processes ensure that the results you receive from your TOC instrument reflect its true capabilities.

Download a copy of the product sheet: Conductivity CRMs for TOC

Anatel is a registered trademark of the Hach Company. Sievers is a registered trademark of GE Analytical Instruments.

How low can you go? Ultra-low TOC Vials from ERA.

You know the importance of using clean vials for your USP water quality testing. As a Guide 34 accredited manufacturer of TOC reference standards, container cleanliness is critical to us as well. Our ultra-low TOC vials are the cleanest available--analyzed and verified to ensure the quality and defensibility of your data. Learn more.

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