Q: Who should perform my DMR-QA testing?

A: The lab that routinely performs the analysis for your facility; either an in-house or commercial laboratory.

Q: What type of studies will meet my DMR-QA requirements?

A: You can meet your DMR-QA requirements by participating in ERA's specific DMR-QA 41 study or in our WP 312, WP 313, WP 314, WP 315, WP 316, and WP 317 studies. If you participate in one of these five WP studies, you must meet the WP Study deadline, even if it is sooner than the August 2021 deadline. Also, when reporting, inform Waters ERA that you are using the WP study to meet DMR-QA requirements.

Q: Can I meet both my state and DMR-QA requirements with a single study?

A: In many cases yes. Simply call Waters ERA customer service at 1.800.372.0122 and we will guide you through the process of selecting a PT option that will meet all of your requirements.

Q: Do I have to run all analytes?

A: If the analytes appear on your NPDES permit or your customer's NPDES permit and are part of Study 41, you are responsible for reporting data on behalf of the permit holder for the analytes you typically perform analyses.

Q: Are there other resources that I can use for more information?

A: Yes. Our website or the US EPA Website are excellent resources to obtain more information about DMR-QA.

Q: How do I know what samples I need to purchase?

A: Your permit holders will require results for analytes listed on their NPDES permit and found on the analyte checklist in the EPA's 308 Letter. Each permit holder should be able to provide you with a list of analytes they are required to report.

Q: What if my permit holders and I purchase Waters ERA samples from different studies?

A: No problem. Each laboratory must ensure that they report their data by the closing date for their chosen study and inform Waters ERA that they wish to report the data for the DMR-QA study.

Q: Can I report my data online?

A: Yes. The eDATA data entry system is safe and secure and provides confirmation that your data has been received. Finally, It also allows you to generate your final NPDES Permit Report Forms and individual laboratory analyte checklists for reporting to your coordinator.